Mapping the linkages between oceans and other Sustainable Development Goals: A preliminary exploration

Working Paper Date:
Category: Sustainable Development
Author: David Le Blanc, Clovis Freire, Marjo Vierros
Document Symbol: ST/ESA/2017/DWP/149
JEL Classification: O18, Q01, Q22, Q28, Q53, Q56, Q57, Z32.
Keywords: Oceans, Sustainable development goals, science-policy interface, Sustainable development, interlinkages
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This paper maps interrelationships among targets of the Sustainable Development Goal dedicated to oceans (SDG 14), as well as interrelationships between those targets and other SDGs. This is done using a large number of UN reports as well as scientific publications. The literature identifies many linkages among the targets of SDG 14; most of these targets are potentially synergistic with one another. Many linkages also exist between SDG 14 targets and other SDGs. Different targets under SDG 14 link to different SDGs. This has implications for policy discussions on how to achieve progress on SDG 14. The interrelationships that we highlight can be used as a tool for dialogue between policy and scientific communities working on oceans, in particular for assessing the status of knowledge on the various linkages, as well as identifying linkages that are likely to matter most for progress on SDG 14.