Expanding sustainable infrastructure investment opportunities: Guidance for governments and international organizations

Working Paper Date:
Category: Sustainable Development
Author: Motoko Aizawa
Document Symbol: ST/ESA/2022/DWP/177
JEL Classification: F35, O21, O24
Keywords: infrastructure; national planning; project preparation; sustainability
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As developing countries pursue infrastructure projects, they should aim to address a combination of the pandemic, climate, inequality, and other crises with the right mix of economic and social infrastructure. To do this, governments must invest in a national infrastructure planning process, align planning with the SDGs, and prioritize sustainable infrastructure over infrastructure that does not put people and the planet first. There is no silver bullet for all the challenges; however, incremental changes based on innovative precedents can potentially make a difference on the ground. This paper proposes an analytical framework to consider these challenges and concludes with possible solutions.

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