The 2030 Agenda: The roadmap to GlobALLizaton

Working Paper Date:
Category: Sustainable Development
Author: Authors: Filipa Correia, Philipp Erfurth and Julie Bryhn
Document Symbol: ST/ESA/2018/DWP/156
JEL Classification: E60, F60, F63, H20, H87, J02, O20, Q01, Q56
Keywords: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Globalization, Multilateralism, Social contract, Structural change, Sustainable development
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This paper conceptualizes recently negotiated international agreements, particularly the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as a collective roadmap to overcome challenges associated with globalization. By analyzing the effects and implications of globalization on societies and economies, the paper highlights concrete aspects of the international commitments that address globalization challenges in the three dimensions of sustainable development. Particular focus is placed on global production patterns, labor markets, poverty and inequality, global imbalances, migration and climate change. The paper concludes that, in the context of a changing political economy of globalization and multilateralism, concrete steps to be taken should include efforts to forge a new social contract, tackle inequalities within and between countries, address adverse effects of globalization on domestic economies, promote decent work, strengthen global institutions and tackle environmental challenges.