UN DESA Monthly Newsletter for February 2024

Monthly Newsletter: Vol 28, No. 2 – February 2024
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Partnering with small islands for a resilient future

When the last International Conference on Small Island Developing States was held in 2014, there was no COVID-19 pandemic and no global economic recession and much fewer geopolitical tensions. The climate emergency, while present, had not reached the heights it has today.

Expert Voices

“Data and statistics inform every decision we make”

Data plays a key role in global efforts to improve people’s lives on a healthy planet. UN DESA’s Statistics Division is leading efforts, working together with statisticians and data experts from across the world. Ahead of the annual UN Statistical Commission this month, UN DESA’s Linda Hooper tells us more about this important work.

Can you give our readers some insights into how data plays a role in global efforts to improve our world?

Things You Need To Know

3 ways to foster societies where everyone is included

In today’s globalized world, it is crucial to promote social justice alongside digital transformation to create more inclusive and equitable societies. Both social justice and digital transformation can improve access to essential services for vulnerable communities, creating opportunities which include everyone. Here are three things you should know: