United Nations Quality Assurance Frameworks Manual

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Category: Statistics
Number of Pages: 123
Language: English
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The United Nations National Quality Assurance Frameworks Manual for Official Statistics (UN NQAF Manual) provides recommendations on quality assurance, a UN quality assurance framework, and guidance for the implementation of a national quality assurance framework. The Manual aims at addressing quality assurance in different circumstances and situations, hereby supporting countries in safeguarding the role of official statistics as trusted source of information. The Manual is directed at assuring the quality of official statistics throughout the entire national statistical system but also provides guidance for engagement with entities that are outside of the national statistical system that participate in the production of official statistics. The Manual also addresses quality assurance in the use of different data sources and Sustainable Development Goal indicator data and statistics. Hereby, the Manual responds to the challenges posed by the new data ecosystem, which is characterized by the emergence of new data sources, new data providers and statistics producers.