System-wide action plan (SWAP) on the rights of indigenous peoples

System-wide action plan (SWAP) on the rights of indigenous peoples
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Category: Social Development
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This action plan builds on the momentum and spirit of the 2014 World Conference on Indigenous Peoples and to this end will promote partnership and collaboration between the UN system, civil society organizations, and multilateral bodies such as regional development banks and human rights special procedures and commissions.

This system wide action plan will contribute to the fit for purpose agenda by ensuring stronger linkages between the normative and operational work of the United Nations, increasing coordination and coherence in addressing the rights of indigenous peoples. It calls for strengthened United Nations senior level engagement, encouraging work with Member States in a spirit of partnership and cooperation to generate support for the implementation of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. As such this action plan implies the need to advance the rights and well-being of indigenous peoples, in the field and at headquarters, including by shared analysis, common strategies and greater accountability.

For this action plan to be effectively implemented at the country level, it is important that United Nations Resident Coordinators are empowered and supported from the highest levels at headquarters. Only by ensuring the adequate political traction both at the global and country level, will the dialogues and programmes between indigenous peoples, Member States and United Nations be fruitful in advancing the rights of indigenous peoples.