Participatory Governance and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

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Category: Public Administration
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The Participatory Governance and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) publication is an output of the Expert Group Meeting (EGM) organized by UNDESA on Engaged Governance: Citizen Participation in the Implementation of the Developmental Goals including the Millennium Development Goals, which was held at the United Nations Secretariat, New York, from 1-2 November 2006.

The EGM convened leading experts on the subject, with the goal of providing a platform for dialogue and exchange of insights and experiences on pertinent issues relating to the role of engaged governance and participation in the implementation of development goals. The meeting covered topics including the pre-conditions for effective participation, the impacts of engaged governance and civil society participation, the efficacy of community engagement in the attainment of the MDGs, and the lessons learned from case studies in community participation.